EcoShifter helps you save fuel by giving real time advice while driving. The main feature is the gear change indicator that lets you know when you have to shift gear through voice and visual alerts.  It also displays real time data such as revs, speed, acceleration or consumption.


  • Gear change indicator.
  • Sudden braking alert.
  • Large acceleration alert.
  • Acceleration/deceleration indicator with arrows.
  • Real time data
    • Current gear.
    • Speed (MPH, km/h)
    • RPM bar.
    • Instant fuel consumption (l/100km, MPG US, MPG UK)
  • Three saving modes: high, normal, moderate. What is a saving mode?
  • Option to enable and disable each alert.
  • Full screen mode
  • Voice alerts to use while driving.
  • Support for tablets 7 and 10 inch
  • Mute mode.
  • Languages: English and Spanish


  • An ELM327 Bluetooth adapter. what is this? Where to get it?
  • An Android smartphone.
    • Android 2.2 or newer.
    • Bluetooth connection.
  • A vehicle with an OBD2 system
    • In US
      • A gasoline vehicle built in 1996 or newer.
      • A diesel vehicle built in 1997 or newer.
    • In Europe
      • A gasoline vehicle built in 2001 or newer.
      • A diesel vehicle built in 2004 or newer.