Smart Driving for Everyone

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EcoShifter for Android

Enhance your driving experience by connecting your car to your smartphone, get real time feedback and save fuel.

Gear Change Indicator

Follow the gear change suggestions and save some money on gas. Possibly the only app with this unique feature.

Driving Alerts

Get acceleration and braking alerts that help your driving be more efficient and safer.

Real Time Data

A nicely designed dashboard shows real time data like gear, speed, fuel economy and RPM.

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Simple and Modern Design

We believe there is no room for small details when it comes to driving apps. Thanks to this simple colour-based design, a quick look will be enough to see all the information, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Blue, shift gear down

If the screen turns blue, it's time to go down a gear.

Red, shift gear up

If the screen turns red, it's time to go up a gear.

Works with most cars

It requires an ELM327 Bluetooth device that plugs into your car's OBD port. You can buy them online from $10. Once you have one, pair it with your smartphone, add a new car profile for your vehicle and you will be ready to go!

Car profiles

Because every car is different, car profiles allow EcoShifter to accurately work with most OBD-enabled vehicles. You can add as many as you want and they are fully customizable.

Saved in the cloud

Car profiles are saved in your account and they synchronize between all your devices.

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Other Features

Voice Feedback

Keep your eyes on the road while you drive and don't get distracted.

Saving Modes

Three saving modes: High, Normal and Moderate. Choose between saving more fuel or enjoying a more intense driving experience.


Flexible driving alerts

Disable or enable driving alerts whenever you want from the settings section.

Good on tablets

Compatible with small and large screens and Android 2.3 onwards.